Dark Roast Peruvian Coffee Beans - Co-operative Coffee

What are community blends?

Sourced from the most reputable and established co-operatives in Peru. CENFROCAFE co-operative has been active for over 30 years, supporting farmers across the North of Peru.

⛰️ Location & Altitude -  CENFROCAFE are based in Cajamarca in the North of Peru, and this coffee is made up of their members. A selection of 3,000 smallholder farmers that range between 1000-1900 metres above sea level.

📃 Certifications -  CENFROCAFE has Fair Trade, Organic and Rain Forest Alliance Certifications. This coffee is certified Fair Trade.

🌿 Coffee Variety - Bourbon, Caturra & Typica

🍒 Process - 
This coffee is a washed coffee. The farmers depulp and wash the coffees at their farms.

🤤 Flavour -  Brown sugar with a creamy butter aftertaste

🔥 Roast -  Dark (4/5)

With years of experience and thousands of farming families, this artisan coffee from the Cajamarca region in Peru has built a strong cooperative that helps its members make a better future for their families. Their dedication is rewarded with a final product that we think is amazing - and we love to drink.  


♻️ Coffee Bag 100% Recyclable

☕ Roasted Fresh For Delivery

🌱 Mailer Bag Compostable

This community blend is a mix of Bourbon, Caturra and Typica varietals. It has a creamy buttery feel and finishes with a taste of brown sugar. Ideal for espresso, and very smooth. This coffee is dark roasted with low acidity, perfect if you like strong coffee.

Coffee Partners

Coffee Process

Coffee Farmers

CENFROCAFE, the cooperative that provide training, access to finance and agronomy support to their 3,000 farmer families who grown this coffee. Alongside IAG who they have worked with for years exporting speciality coffee, are responsible for bringing this coffee to us.

Cherries are de-pulped, washed and dried at the homes of the farmers.

This coffee is a selection chosen from 3,000 farming families from Cajamarca part of a well established cooperative who have been supporting their members for 20 years.

Customer Reviews

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P Graham

This is a lovely, smooth tasting coffee.

Peruvian coffee has a taste that is hard to pin down. It's known for the chocolate, caramel and toffee flavours, but in the last few years it's getting harder and harder to pinpoint a single flavour.

As more and more different coffee regions in Peru start to export, you'll be pleasantly surprised with every Peruvian coffee you try, from floral to fruity, the coffee flavours available are becoming more and more unique to each region.

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