El Cedro & El Nispero - Tomas Bueno Medina - La Naranja Microlots

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La Naranja, La Coipa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca




Caturra, Bourbon, Typica



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August - September



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About this Coffee

Who is Tomas Bueno Medina?

Tomas lives in La Naranja, a small village where he has two small coffee farms. He works with Alpes Andinos which is where we sourced this coffee from. Tomas has been a member of this associated since it started in 2019.


Where are the El Cedro & El Nispero Farms?

Since 2019, Alpes Andinos have been buying Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon varieties from the local producers in and around La Naranja in the La Coipa District, part of the San Ignacio province in the region of Cajamarca. The farms are located 1850 meters above sea level.


How was this coffee processed?

The coffee harvested is only by mature cherries, and the process involves washing and overflowing to remove dry or green cherries. After adding the water, the coffee undergoes a second fermentation for 48 hours more, and then washed three times and drained to dry it for 20-25 days. The farm uses island guano (bird poo) and phosphoric rock as fertilisers. The farms covers 6 hectares and produces 3312 kgs of coffee in parchment, roughly 48 exportable 69kg bags per year.


The role of Alpes Andinos for this coffee

Knowledge of coffee growing comes from generations of experience and is perfected through training and face-to-face workshops. The coffee is sold in parchment to Alpes Andinos, and payment is based on the quality and physical performance. The screening and selection service is carried out by third parties in Jaen, Cajamarca. The price paid is for the effort they make based on the quality that it brings, showing sustainable growth to strengthen commercial relations. The training provided is put into practice, and the quality produced is verified in the cupping.

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