Where it started

From Lima to Liverpool via Arequipa. A family business created during the pandemic in 2020 with the sole purpose of sharing the beautiful flavours of Peru.

an image of the misti volcano in Arequipa Peru while also having the cathedral in shot
this shows lima from above and the costa verde coastline

What exactly we do

Our role is to facilitate, introduce and share Peruvian coffee with roasters wherever we can. This involves us finding great coffee, creating and maintaining those relationships and organising logistics.

Who we are

Two cousins and a childhood friend, two living in Peru and one in the UK.

A mix of skills between us all and a shared passion of Peruvian coffee, culture and people.


The one who really likes coffee. Mark and Gonzalo have been bouncing ideas off each other for years and Khipu Coffee has become one of them.

Mark is responsible for sourcing the coffee and maintaining relationships with coffee producers and coffee roasters.

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The cousin of Mark. An expert in agri-business and 20 years working in agriculture in Peru.

Gonzalo is responsible for all of the logistics and exporting the coffee.


The childhood friend of Gonzalo. A seasoned and experienced Peruvian entrepreneur with a focus on growing small businesses.

Cesar is responsible for accessing finance for the coffee and contracts.

Circular Ecosystem

Every purchase we make and every purchase you make is a conscious decision to support those directly involved in coffee production.

a picutre of a women and child by their house in the andes overlooking a mountain with snow on top