Finca El Morito - David Flores - Microlot

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San Jose de Lourdes, San Ignacio, Cajamarca


1700 - 1900m


Yellow Caturra


Washed (Anaerobic, Double & Extended Fermentation)

SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Floral, Chamomile, Lemon, Cane Sugar

Harvest Period

August - October 2022



About this Coffee

Who is David Flores?

David Flores is a third generation coffee producer and general manager of Finca El Morito. He manages his time between coffee producing and running the El Finca Morito network of neighbouring farms.

About Finca El Morito

Finca El Morito, is a farm located in the San Jose de Lourdes district, Province of San Ignacio, and region of Cajamarca in North Peru. They have a total of 150 hectares of land that produce a variety of coffee beans including Yellow Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, Marshall, Catuai, and Catimor.

How was the coffee processed?

Selective harvest is done then the sorting process is carried out without water, coffee is then washed and fermented between 8 to 12 hours in cherry sealed without oxygen and then pulped and fermented for 72 hours.

It is then dried
under transparent dryer modules in a solar tent, the average drying time is 26 to 30 days.

What David wants you to know

Finca El Morito prides itself on using compost for its coffees and limiting the use of fertilisers, as the farm is located inside the forest where they live within the natural environment of the area.


The farm has implemented technology for the post-harvest process, including tanks, tubs, drying areas, and warehouses, and has developed management activities for soil conservation, water, native species, and compost incorporation in the coffee trees.

How does Khipu Coffee know the producer?

After seeing and tasting David Flores coffees throughout many of the specialty coffee shops in Lima, we wanted to know more about this farm and the producer.


We met at the Expo Caajmarca in November 2022. This coffee expo in San Ignacio celebrates all of the coffee producers in the Cajamarca area, has coffee auctions and industry speakers educating producers about specialty coffee.

The role of Finca El Morito as an association

The family business provides work for more than 50 coffee growers, including the elderly, located in different parts of the department of Cajamarca. Finca El Morito is dedicated to the production, harvesting, and marketing of green bean coffee ready to roast. The farm produces entirely arabica coffees, which are ideal for the climate and geographical location.


Finca El Morito has been awarded as one of the best coffees in Peru due to its different quality in aroma, body, taste, and color. The company has a commitment to the forests and the environment where these coffees grow, and buying coffee from Finca El Morito supports more than 50 coffee-producing families in San Ignacio, Peru.


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