Finca La Palma - Roberto Pintado Lavan - Red Caturra - Nanolot

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Tabaconas, San Ignacio Cajamarca




Red Caturra



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Flavour Profiles

Red Apple, Milk Chocolate, Plum

Harvest Period

July - August 2022



About this Coffee

Who is Roberto Pintado?

Roberto Pintado Lavan runs La Palma farm in the village of Union Las Minas, Tabaconas, in the province of Cajamarca in northwestern Peru, bordering Ecuador. Coffee is an important source of income for the people of this region, and Union Las Minas produces high-quality specialty coffee. Roberto's farm grows several varieties of coffee, including Red Caturra, using organic fertilisers and leguminous trees as shade trees.


About La Palma

Roberto works hard every day to make high-quality coffee at La Palma Farm, which is blessed with rich nature and an altitude of 1,950 meters. Roberto cultivates several varieties of coffee, including Catimor, Bourbon, Yellow & Red Caturra, and Geisha.


How was the coffee processed?

A selective harvest is made, and the same day of the harvest, the coffee is spread out, then fermented for 30 hours in a tank coated with ceramic. Red Caturra is the variety for this coffee that Roberto cultivates. Roberto's farm covers an area of 3 hectares and yields 2300 kilos of green coffee.


The role of Integra Coffee

His coffee is processed on the farm and passes through the screening machine at the Integra processing plant. The Integra Coffee Technical Team processes the coffee, ensuring traceability to know where it is marketed and under what denomination.


What the producer wants you to know

The company looks for sustainable markets that value coffee and improve the living conditions of its producers by paying competitive prices. Integra Coffee is a private company formed by two founding partners, working with independent producers and groups of small producers throughout the coffee value chain. The company works under social and environmental approaches, ensuring the production of its farmers through contracts in advance with roasters every year.

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