La Chacra D'Dago - Biodynamic - Community Lot

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Palomar, Chanchamayo, Junin


1450 - 1600m





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Flavour Profiles

Toffee, Almond, Sweet Citrus

Harvest Period

July - September 2022


Biodynamic, Organic, Slow Food

About this Coffee

Who are La Chacra D'Dago?

Dagoberto Marin founded 'La Chacra D Dago' in 2005, a third-generation coffee production company that has evolved from conventional to organic and now biodynamic farming methods.


This coffee is part of their community lot project where they are working with neighbouring farms who are already certified organic and assisting these farmers with biodynamic coffee farming.

About their farm

The farms are situated at an altitude of 1450-1600m and are located in and around Palomar, which is about 30 minutes away from Villa Rica, a renowned coffee town in Central Peru.


This is a collection of all neighbouring certified organic and biodynamic coffee farms near La Chacra D'Dago.

How was this coffee processed?

The ripe fruits were harvested (18% brix degrees) and then are spreaded with water, then a fermentation process for 36 hours (solid fermentation, without water) and finally the coffee is placed in their courtyards (Sun Dry Patios ) for 8 to 10 days for drying.

What the producer want you to know

This is a coffee is a new project where Cesar Marin is working closely with local producers, educating them about biodynamic preparations so that they can get a higher price for their coffee, a better flavour, and protect their soil at the same time.

How does Khipu know the producer?

We've known Cesar Marin for a few years and met for the first time at Ficafe (Annual Coffee Conference) in October 2022. We visited the farm  in November 2022.

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