Finca La Lima - Aniano Huaman - Geisha - Nanolot

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El Vergel, La Coipa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca






Washed (Anaerobic, Double & Extended Fermentation)

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Flavour Profiles

Lemon Verbena, Raspberry, Peach, Floral

Harvest Period

September - November 2023


Fair Trade, Organic

About this Coffee

Who is Aniano Huaman?

Aniano Huaman is an experienced coffee producer with over 30 years in the industry. He is from El Vergel, a small town in the La Coipa District of the San Ignacio Province, in the Cajamarca Region. He has many years of experience growing high quality varietals such as Bourbon, Caturra, Typica and recently, Geisha. As well as being a coffee producer with a small farm, he is also the President of the Jaen based cooperative, Coffee Land Peru.

About Aniano Huaman

Aniano leads Coffee Land Peru and started the cooperative back in 2020 when he saw first hand the problems facing the coffee producers in his town of El Vergel. Together with other smallholder producers, they created the cooperative so that they could join forces and improve the quality of their coffee and their ability to sell as a group.

Aniano is known for his continued leadership and always striving to improve the lives of their members and their families. The fact that we have his coffee is a small example of the work he has done to market his coffee and the members. He is one of the most experienced members in terms of coffee processing and regularly runs workshops for members to raise the quality of the coffee through education and training.

How was the coffee processed?

Aniano uses his experience and wealth of knowledge on coffee processing for this coffee. At his farm, Finca La Lima, he selectively harvests ripe cherries only and ferments in cherry for 72 hours in sealed Grain Pro bags. He then pulps and ferments for 24 hours in timbos (plastic tubs), sealed and without oxygen.

The coffee is then dried on raised beds in a solar dryer for 20 days until the moisture level is at 11%.
This meticulous anaerobic, extended double fermentation has been wonderfully executed and in the cup we found delicate floral notes with lemon verbena, raspberry and peach.

What was the role of Coffee Land Peru for this coffee?

Coffee Land Peru is the cooperative of 85 members that Aniano started and sells his coffee through. Alongside the other members of the team they are solely focussed on coffee producers from the El Vergel town in the La Coipa District. Cajamarca is a big and prosperous coffee producing region so to be able to work with Coffee Land Peru is a pleasure because we know their vision and mission is specific to enriching the lives of those in their hometowns, their neighbours and families.  

What the producer wants you to know

The producer, Aniano Huaman, wants coffee roasters and drinkers to understand the dedication and effort put into each crop. He started with an idea of providing sustainability and a better welfare for the smallholder producers in his town and his approach goes beyond just producing high-quality coffee. For him it's about creating a positive impact in the coffee industry and improving the local economy in El Vergel.

How does Khipu Coffee know Aniano Huaman?

During our first origin trip in 2022, before we leaving Peru, Aniano reached out to us and asked if we wanted to try some of their samples. Luckily we had some time in Lima so managed to receive a number of the cooperative blends and the rest was history. These blends went down surprisingly well with many roasters during cupping sessions in 2023 that we decided to visit Aniano, Elvis, Cristian and Lee at their warehouse and office in Jaen. It was here that we tried a host of fabulous coffees all with incredible and unique profiles and across different prices and volumes. Settling on this geisha was not an easy choice but we feel it will showcase a level of quality that the cooperative is capable of.

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