Agua Colorada - Women's Coffee Project

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Agua Colorada, Huabal, Jaen, Cajamarca


1700 - 1900m


Red & Yellow Bourbon, Red & Yellow Caturra


Washed (Semi Anaerobic, Double & Extended Fermentation)

SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Red Apple, Plum, Milk Chocolate

Harvest Period

August - October 2023



About this Coffee

Who are Agua Colorada? 

Agua Coloradas is a small village in the Huabal District, part of the Jaen Province in the Cajamarca Region. This coffee is a project that is focussed on sourcing coffee from 5 female coffee producers in this village. 

These women are Maria Ramos, Gladys Ramos, Nelly Alarcon, Yoselin Alarcon, and Lady Coronel. They are experienced coffee producers on their own and together they have provided a special coffee blend consisting of Red and Yellow Bourbon and Red and Yellow Caturra.

About Agua Colorada

Agua Coloradas is a village known for its ideal conditions for producing special coffees. Located high in the mountains at 1800m, it offers an optimal climate for coffee cultivation. The name "Agua Colorada" comes from a river crossing the village, which is used by coffee producers in the area for washing their coffees and other activities like trout farming. The clear water of this river gives the village its name, symbolising the purity and quality of their coffee.

How was the coffee processed?

The coffee process involves a unique fermentation method designed by the coffee producers and Andean Coffee Collective, who we sourced this coffee from. Initially, the coffee is fermented in cherry for 24 hours, in open GrainPro bags, not sealed. Then, the coffee is pulped for an extended fermentation for 72 hours in GrainPro bags under controlled temperatures and rested in roofed areas to prevent excessive heat from accelerating the fermentation.

During this process, the bags are turned and mixed every two hours to ensure homogeneous fermentation and consistent sugar levels across all the green beans. The coffee is dried for 20 days on dry roofs and solar dryers until a level of moisture content of 10.8% is reached.

The role of Andean Coffee Collective for this coffee? 

The Andean Coffee Collective created this project with the women of Agua Colorada and they are in their 2nd year of sourcing from the coffee producers. They have worked with many producers in that village and surrounding areas for many years and maintain long-term relationships with the producers of Huabal. They are instrumental in quality control and showcasing the area and its producers. Furthermore, this coffee project highlights the role of women in coffee production, promoting gender equality and acknowledging the vital contributions of women in this field.

How does Khipu Coffee know the coffee producers?

We sourced Luz Nelly’s coffee last year and after meeting Ferran from Andean Coffee Collective in 2022, he told us that he has a project with female producers in 2023 and one of the producers was Luz Nelly. This coffee was one of our favourites and due to the nature of the project, the quality of the coffee and being able to support a project that has immense potential, we decided to source a few lots.

What the producers want you to know

The coffee producers want to show their commitment to quality and sustainable practices in coffee production. They want to highlight the unique characteristics of their coffee varietals and the meticulous processing methods that contribute to the coffee's distinct flavor profiles. They want roasters to appreciate the collaboration of this project and hope to continue by empowering more female producers in the region to join and learn about high quality coffee production and the rewards it can bring to a local community, financially and through the improvement of well being.

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