Finca Perlamayo - Luz Nelly Alarcon - Microlot

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Flor del Norte, Huabal, Cajamarca




Red Caturra & Yellow Bourbon



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July - August



About this Coffee

Who is Luz Nelly Alarcon?

She is a coffee producer from Caserio Flor del Norte, and is a member of Alpes Andino. As the daughter of coffee producers, she has been involved in coffee cultivation since she was a child. For the past 5 years, she has been growing Bourbon, Caturra, and Geisha coffee varieties.

Where is the farm?

Her farm is located in Flor del Norte at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level. She named her coffee "Perlamayo" in honour of the village where the seeds originated. Growing coffee is her main economic activity, and she strives to produce high-quality coffee.

How was the coffee processed?

She harvests mature cherries and ferments them for 48 hours, and then for 72 hours when pulped. This particular coffee is a blend of 50% Caturra and 50% Bourbon.


She uses island guano (bird poo), phosphoric rock, and processed coffee pulp as fertilisers on her 2-hectare farm. She produces 2208 kg of parchement coffee, roughly 32 exportable 69kg bags per year.

The role of Alpes Andinos for this coffee

She receives training workshops from the Alpes Andinos to improve the quality of her coffee. They buy her parchment coffee, which undergoes quality control and is paid for according to its score. She uses a third-party service based in Jaen, Cajamarca for the screen sizing and classification, which is done at size 15.

What the producer wants you to know

The quality of her coffee has been recognised in competitions such as Cup of Excellence Peru, and the price she receives reflects the effort she puts into producing high-quality coffee.


Alpes Andino is known for supporting coffee producers in their continuous improvement, and is recognised for helping produce very good coffees. Luz Nelly Alarcon is one of 60 producers who work together to improve the quality of their coffee and to promote environmental and social inclusion of young people and women.


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