Finca Rosenheim - Mark Bolliger - 200 Hour Anaerobic - Nanolot

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Villa Rica, Pasco


1550 - 1650m


Caturra, Catimor


Washed (200 Hour) Anaerobic

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June - July



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About this Coffee

Who is Mark Bollinger?

Mark Bolliger is a coffee producer who started managing Finca Rosenheim in 2012, which was bought by his family in 1998 and began coffee production in 2004.


They are now medium-sized producers with 36 hectares of coffee in production, producing on average of 41,400 kilos of green coffee annually. Their focus is on single origin coffee, and they export their coffee every year.

About Finca Rosenheim

Finca Rosenheim is located in the central jungle of Peru, close to Villa Rica. The plantations are 1600 meters above sea level. The farm is named after the family of European emigrants who originally came from Rosenheim in Bavaria, Germany.


Most of the plantations are Catimor, with some Caturra and Typica in older lots, recently they have created a new Catuai plantation, and some experimental plots with Geisha and other varieties.

How was the coffee processed?

This "200 hours" coffee, is a slow and prolonged fermented coffee with a greater intensity of aroma and flavor and very pleasant fruity notes. It is fermented in sealed Grainpro bags for 9 days, which makes it difficult to produce a lot of coffee this way.


This special coffee is only possible due to the low temperatures they have during the harvest season and the cleanliness and good selection of the coffee they make from the harvest.


They use Yara Mila Hydran as the main fertiliser and decomposed coffee pulp to add organic matter. Dolomite lime is used every few years to lower the acidity of the soil. The coffee is crushed and selected at Highland Coffee in Villa Rica. The size of their export coffee beans is about 14 screen size.

What Mark wants you to know

They strive to take care of their processes and produce the same excellent coffee every year. Mark learns about coffee production from various sources, including their neighbours, workers, and books and manuals on technical coffee production. They want coffee roasters to understand that the 200-hour coffee is a special coffee and a product of experience and experimentation.

How does Khipu know the producer?

We met Mark at Ficafe (Annual Coffee Conference) in October 2022. We also visited Mark in Villa Rica and he showed us around his farm, giving a tour of their processing plant and different plots throughout the farm.

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