La Chacra D'Dago - Biodynamic - Supernatural - Nanolot

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Palomar, Chanchamayo, Junin


1600 - 1750m


Yellow Obata


Supernatural (Carbon Maceration)

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Biodynamic, Organic, Slow Food

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About this Coffee

Who are La Chacra D'Dago?

Dagoberto Marin founded 'La Chacra D Dago' in 2005, a third-generation coffee production company that has evolved from conventional to organic and now biodynamic farming methods.

This coffee is part of their experimental nano lots which they have undertaken over the last few years.

About their farm

The farm, situated at an altitude of 1550-1600m, is located in Palomar, which is about 30 minutes away from Villa Rica, a renowned coffee town in Central Peru.

It's a unique and special farm because of it's biodynamic origins and being the only certified biodynamic coffee farm in Peru.

How was this coffee processed?

The coffee fruits are harvested well ripe (18 - 20º Brix) are fermented in anaerobic tank and inoculated with C02 to better control the temperature, finally coffee is placed in African beds in cherry trees (naturally) for a slow drying in the sun for 20 days.

What the producer want you to know

This is a coffee that is a result of years of experimentation and testing. It gives them great pleasure to be able to offer this coffee and it's something they have been working hard on for many years.

How does Khipu know the producer?

We've known Cesar Marin for a few years and met for the first time at Ficafe (Annual Coffee Conference) in October 2022. It was here that he was showcasing his experimental lots and invited us to visit the farm which we did in November 2022.

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