La Concordia - Melvin Campos Inga - Lactic Typica - Nanolot

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x6 23KG


Fatima, Lonya Grande, Utcubamba, Amazonas






Natural (Anaerobic, Lactic & Extended Fermentation)

SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Citrus Fruits, Pear, Brown Sugar

Harvest Period

July - September 2023



About this Coffee

Who is Melvin Campos Inga?

Melvin Campos Inga is a coffee producer from the village of Fátima, in the Lonya Grande District, part of the Utcubamba Province, in the Amazonas Region. He is part of the cooperative Norcafe, who have offices in Lonya Grande and Jaen, Cajamarca.

About Melvin and his farm La Concordia

Melvin has been cultivating many varietals over the years. He has started to focus now mainly on Typica, this is varietal that he is has been familiar with nearly all his life. 

How was the coffee processed?

Melvin's coffee undergoes a unique natural process. After selective harvest has been made, the cherries are fermented in water for 68 hours, sealed in timbos (plastic tubs) without oxygen. They choose this method specifically for the lactic fermentation and aim for the desirable creamy mouthfeel and body.

After the fermentation in water, it’s then taken to solar dryers to be dried for 30 days in a staggered way to develop the sugars as slowly as possible. The coffee is taken out of the solar dryers at level of 11 - 11.5% moisture.

How does Khipu Coffee know Melvin?

We cupped Melvin’s coffee when we met with his Nephew, Roiber Beccera in August 2023 in Lonya Grande. While visiting Marcos Herrera and the team at Procecam, we planned to meet with Roiber too. It was at the Norcafe office in Lonya Grande, the cooperative that both Melvin and Roiber are a part of, that we tried the Typica.

The cup was extraordinarily boozy with a lovely body and finish and we asked Roiber to source what he could from his Uncle.

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