Mamaruntu - Marcos Herrera - Red Bourbon - Nanolot

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Rodriguez Tafur, Lonya Grande, Utcubamba, Amazonas




Red Bourbon



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Flavour Profiles

Blueberry, Maple Syrup, Chocolate

Harvest Period

August - November 2023



About this Coffee

Who is Marcos Herrera?

Marcos is a producer from the village of Rodriguez Tafur, located at 1700 meters above sea level in the district of Lonya Grande, in the Amazonas region. He is regarded as of the best specialty coffee growers in Peru and is well known in his district of Lonya Grande, coming 2nd in November 2023 at regional competition. Marcos has been a producer since childhood because his parents are farmers. Since 2014, he has been growing Geisha, Bourbon and SL28 varieties.

About Marcos and Mamaruntu

Marcos inherited his father's farm, which was called "Oso Perdido" (Lost Bear) named after his father who was the only person who took care of the farm and walked alone in the countryside. The people of the town told him that he was like a lost bear.

Today, Marcos has this farm with his wife, Kary Yoany Guevara Guevara. This couple, along with their son Marko Aurelio Herrera Guevara, continue the family's generations-long tradition of coffee cultivation. The Mamaruntu farm is named after the enchanting Chachapoyas princess who captured the heart of Inca Tupac Yupanqui.

How was the coffee processed?

Marcos collects mature cherries only, washes them in water and ferments in cherry for 72 hours, sealed in timbos (plastic tubs). After that, he places the full cherries into solar dryers for 30 days to ensure that the coffee has a moisture content of 10.5-11%.


The role of Procecam in this coffee

Alongside his own farm, Marcos is also part of Procecam, a small cooperative with many high quality specialty producers from in and around Lonya Grande. He is responsible for sourcing, quality control and working on specific flavour profile blends.


How does Khipu Coffee know the producer?

We met Marcus through Eric from Alpes Andinos at Ficafe 2022 (Annual Coffee Conference). We tried his coffee at the conference and arranged to meet again and do a cupping in Jaen, when we visited Cajamarca in November 2022. Following on from the success of the coffee in 2022, we decided to source direct in 2023 and committed to 5 times the amount. We visited Marcos and fellow cooperative member, Winkler at their office in Lonya Grande, followed by a visit to the farm learning more about how Marcos works.

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