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Chirinos, San Ignacio, Cajamarca


1200 - 1400m


Castillo, Catimor, Gran Colombia, Pache



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May - September



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About this Coffee

Who are La Prosperidad?

They are a cooperative that is composed of 817 coffee producers with more than 54 years of experience, focused on environmental care and building relationships based on trust and respect. They have a long history of being coffee producers and are passionate about coffee. They collect and market coffee, generating a lot of value for their members. They are based in Chirinos, a small town in the province of San Ignacio, Cajamarca.

About Cafe Chirinos

Cafe Chirinos are from coffee producers who grow several varieties of coffee, including Pache, Catimor, Mundonovo, Castillo, and Gran Colombia. The coffee is grown from an altitude of 1200 - 1400 meters above sea level. The cooperative work with some of the coffee producers for more than 54 years and is reflected in the quality of the coffee, which scores 82 in SCA score. Cafe Chirinos is grown on an area collectively of 400 hectares and yields around 350,000 kilos, around 5000 exportable 69kg bags per year.

How was the coffee processed?

The coffee is harvested selectively, only mature red cherries are collected, and the same day of the harvest, it is spread out. It is then fermented for 24 hours and washed, after which it is placed in polypropylene blankets and goes to the solar dryer. The drying period is about 15 days, during which the coffee reaches optimal humidity before delivery to La Prosperidad.

The role of La Prosperidad for this coffee

The coffee is processed at the Café Selva Norte processing plant, and the size of the coffee grain is 0.5 centimeters. La Prosperidad provide their own organic fertiliser to their members and it's called Pachakushi, a Quechua term, which means "happy land," main inputs are coffee pulp.


Field extensionists provide technical assistance to produce quality coffees in fertilisation issues, maintenance of plots, prevention of pests and diseases, harvest, and post-harvest.


They are committed to the well-being of its partners, collaborators, the community, and clients. They offer quality organic coffee, taking advantage of the special natural conditions of their area and the experience of their cooperative history.

What La Prosperidad want to achieve with their coffee sales

In addition to their coffee production, they work on social projects such as the development of the Inspire Educational Program and an agreement with the National University of Jaén.


They also support the higher education of our partners' children and carry out the first environmental fingerprint study of organic coffee to measure and analyze the environmental impact generated throughout the coffee life cycle. Their ultimate goal is to implement a carbon credits project.

What La Prosperidad want you to know

By buying their coffee, roasters support the producing families to improve their quality of life. They are dedicated to producing high-quality coffee, promoting sustainability, and contributing to the betterment of their community.

How does Khipu know La Prosperdad?

We met with La Prosperidad in November 2022 at their office in Chirinos, Cajamarca. We did cuppings of all their main coffees which we now offer and visited one of their employees/cooperative members farms.


We had a tour of their farm to see how the harvest was getting on and an introduction to the post harvest processing and cooperative benefits such as compost and cultivation of new coffee varieties.

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