Nueva Alianza - Dwight Aguilar Masias - Typica Mejorado - Nanolot

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Yanatile, Santa Teresa, La Convencion, Cusco


1800 - 1900m


Typica Mejorado



SCA Score

Flavour Profiles

Mango, Lucuma, Peach

Harvest Period

July - September 2022



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About this Coffee

Who is Dwight Aguillar Masias?

Dwight Aguillar Masias is a third-generation coffee producer from Santa Teresa, La Convencion, Cusco. He has won the Peruvian Cup of Excellence twice and is recognised as one of the best coffee growers in Peru.

About Nueva Alliazna

Nueva Allianza Farm is Dwight's family farm located in Santa Teresa at 1800-1900m above seal level, which has an ideal climate and soil for coffee production. Dwight and his partner Dyana Mellado Portilla manage the farm.


The farm has a total of 8 hectares dedicated to coffee, with various varieties planted such as Costa Rica 95, Gran Colombia, Typica Mejorado, two types of Geisha (red and yellow), Pacamara, and recently planted Marigyoppe. The farms harvest size is around 213 exportable 69kg bags per year.

How was the coffee processed?

The farm uses a selective harvesting process and pulps the coffee before pre-fermenting for 24 hours, then post-pulped fermentation anaerobically for 48 hours. The coffee is then washed and dried on beds in a solar dryer for 20 days, resulting in a coffee with red fruit profiles.

What Dwight wants you to know

Winning the Cup of Excellence twice in just five years and being recognised as one of the best coffee producers in Peru has had a significant impact on Dwight Aguilar and his family. Winning the competitions has brought recognition to their hard work, dedication, and expertise in coffee production.


It has also brought attention to their farm, Nueva Alianza, and their coffee brand, which has helped them to sell their coffee internationally. As a result, they have been able to increase their income and reinvest in their farm to improve the quality and quantity of their coffee production.


Moreover, winning the competitions has given them the opportunity to participate in international events and auctions, giving them the confidence and motivation to continue working on their coffee production and improving their techniques and methods. Winning the competitions has not only impacted their coffee farm but also their personal lives, bringing a sense of pride, joy, and accomplishment to Dwight, his family, and the community of Santa Teresa.

How does Khipu know the producer?

We met with Dwight and visited his farm in December 2022. We didn't plan to visit his farm but because of the strikes and road closures we were unable to travel outside of Santa Teresa and therefore visited his farm instead. Pablo from Vertikal Lodge in Santa Teresa is a friend of Dwight and he introduced us and took us on a trek to his farm.


It was meeting him here that we decided to buy the typica mejorado and start a relationship which we hope to continue in future harvests.

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