El Fuerte Viteno - Cornelios Sebastiang - Microlot

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Vitoc, Chanchamayo, Junin


1740 - 1800m


Caturra & Catimor



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July - September



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About this Coffee

Who is Cornelios Sebastiang?

Cornelios is a coffee producer and has been producing coffee since the age of 16 and since 2015 has turned his effort along with his wife Rebecca Bareton to specialty coffee. They have 3 hectares and culitvate a mix of coffee varieties including Geisha, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Marsellesa, and Red and Yellow Caturra.

Where is the farm?

The farm is located high up in the hills in a very remote village at an altitude of 1740 to 1800 metres above sea level. It's a 3 hour drive from San Ramon, the closest town and this is in the area of Chachamayo, part of the Junin region in Central Peru.

How did Cornelios start coffee farming?

Cornelios' father started the coffee project in the 1970s, and together with the producer's mother, they bought more land and had 8 children. The coffee project continued with the Caturra and Typical varities, and later, they began planting more coffee varities. With the help of the his wife, they have been able to plant more hectares of coffee.

How was the coffee processed?

The coffee is hand selected and washed. It is then fermented for 36 hours in a cedar wood tank, and dried in a solar dryer for 6 days with a daily rotation every 7 hours per day. The coffee is stored in Grainpro bags in a clean and dark place at their farm.

What Cornelios and Rebecca want you to know about this coffee

Cornelios and Rebecca have been improving their production by receiving training from the Vitoc District Municipality and other institutions. They aim to improve the flavour by taking barista courses and receiving tips and tricks from their friends and specialty coffee roasters.

Their commitment to quality and the environment is evident in the way they process their coffee in solar dryers and store in Grainpro bags. The producer takes great care in the coffee production, from the grain to the packaging, ensuring high quality throughout.

How does Khipu know the coffee producer?

We met Cornelios at the Ficafe (Annual Coffee Conference in Peru) and was introduced by Gracia Briceno from Mamaquilla Roastery. Gracia buys Cornelios and Rebeccas Geisha coffee and wanted to introduce them because she believes in their ability to grow amazing coffees. The Geisha was participating in the Cup of Excellence in 2022 but unfortunately because of a phenol defect it was unable to be scored.

Currently their coffees are only sold to Gracia and the blend to cooperatives in La Merced (a city in Central Peru) and this is the first time their coffee has ever been exported to the UK.

We visited the farm in November 2022 and Cornelios and Rebecca showed us around the farm, the hybrids they are cultivating and the progress of their 2023 harvest.

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