Finca La Familia - Rogelio Pena Huaman - Family Farm Lot

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x3 50KG


Nazareth de la Cumbre, San Jose de Lourdes, San Ignacio, Cajamarca




Yellow Caturra, Red Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor


Washed (Anaerobic)

SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Green Apple

Harvest Period

July - September 2023



About this Coffee

Who is Rogelio Peña Huaman?

Rogelio Peña Huaman is a coffee producer from the Nazareth de la Cumbre town, part of the San Jose de Lourdes District, in the San Ignacio Province of the Cajamarca Region. He has been involved in coffee cultivation all his life and since 2020 has worked closer with his son Franklin Pena Huaman to develop specialty coffee for their family under the organisation, Finca La Familia.

About Finca La Familia?

Franklin Pena Huaman, Rogelio's son, is an agricultural technician by trade and had many years experience working with coffee producers before posing the idea of Finca La Familia to his Father, Rogelio. Franklin’s idea was to bring together his family and neighbouring families in and around their town of Nazareth de la Cumbre and start to process and sell their coffee direct. 

It was Rogelio who needed convincing of this new endeavor because of the risks and responsibilities associated with marketing and selling the coffee to national and international buyers. Fortunately, Rogelio trusted in his son Franklin, who, alongside a few other cousins, had a fair amount of expertise and experience in post-harvesting while Rogelio and the rest of the family were fully skilled in the cultivation and care needed to produce high quality specialty coffee.

Finca La Familia now covers 25 hectares and is managed by six families, one being the Pena Huaman family. 

How was the coffee processed?

The coffee is first of all selectively harvested. After being floated in water to see if there are any defects, they are ready to pulp the cherries. Once pulped, they are placed in sealed GrainPro bags and left for 48 hours. This allows enough time for the desired flavour profiles to develop and is followed by drying in solar dryers for around 25 days until moisture levels are at 10-11%.

The role of Finca La Familia for this coffee

Finca La Familia's role extends beyond coffee production. It represents a collaborative effort of families dedicated to sustainable and quality coffee production. The farm focuses on organic farming practices, using eco-friendly fertilisers and prioritising the health of the soil and environment.

How does Khipu Coffee know Rogelio?

We met with Rogelio and Franklin at Expo Cajamarca in November 2022. We managed to cup in 2022 but didn’t have any space left to take more coffees on even though we really wanted to support Franklin’s project.

We kept in touch during 2023 and were happy that we managed to source this lot because of the impact we knew it could make to their project. Knowing that they've exported their first ever lot of coffee was a distant dream in 2020 to now being a reality.

What the producers want you to know

Frankin speaks on behalf of all the families and wants roasters to know that they are a team of young people, full of dreams of being able to export their coffee and provide a better and more sustainable future for all their families. They are continually studying, learning and experimenting with pre and post harvest techniques so that they can increase the quality of their coffee and one day hope to be at a level where they can compete and be recognised on a global stage for their efforts.

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