Laguna Los Condores - Cooperative Coffee - SCA 84

Quantity Available

x3 69KG


Luya, Amazonas


1800 - 2200m


Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica



SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Lemon Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Harvest Period

June - August 2023


Fair Trade, Organic

About this Coffee

Who are Laguna Los Condores?

Laguna Los Condores is a cooperative that works exclusively in the Luya Province in the Amazonas Region. The cooperative was started in 2017 by Eber Sanchez Bustamante and Evelin Caman Aliaga, coffee producers motivated by wanting to be treated better by their buyers and throughout the coffee supply chain in general.

About Laguna Los Condores?

The cooperative has grown leaps and bounds in the last 6 years because of the perseverance of Eber, Evelin and the other 10 founding members. Their rapid growth is also because of the way many coffee producers in the Luya Province have been treated by buyers and their desire for another way has become possible because of Laguna Los Condores.

They have 800 members across six coffee growing districts of the Luya province and work on food security, environmental care, reforestation, and personal development of their members. They have a women's committee that produce organic fertiliser and their own brand of roasted coffee.

How was the coffee processed?

The cooperative provides training and workshops for all of their members and promotes high quality and easily accessible and replicated post harvesting techniques. The coffee is selectively harvested for ripe cherries only, followed by being pulped and left to ferment in ceramic tanks for 18-22 hours. The coffee is dried under solar dryers at the farm from anywhere to 15-21 days depending on the weather. 

The role of Laguna Los Condores for this coffee?

The cooperative ensures that the coffee quality is maintained to a high standard, export quality. They provide many initiatives as a group, hosting workshops in the different districts while also visiting their members at their farm regularly to collect coffee in parchment and support with organic fertilisers and implementing regenerative farming practices.

Alongside the usual high standard post-harvest techniques of ceramic tanks and solar dryers, they also install water filter systems that clean the wastewater from the washed coffee process using a root system plant called Vetiver across all of their members' farms. This is one example of how they go above and beyond what is expected and another reason why they have grown to have so many members since 2017.

How does Khipu Coffee know the Cooperative?

We were introduced to Eber and Evelin through a mutual friend, James Astahuaman, a coffee sustainability consultant based in Lima. He spoke highly of the work that Eber and Evelin has achieved throughout the Luya province and suggested we meet with them when we were in Chachapoyas. We met them at the regional coffee fair in August 2023, cupped at their office and learned more about the work that they do. From the quality of the coffee, value for money and community impact, it was an easy decision to commit to two lots of coffee. 

What the Cooperative wants you to know

Laguna Los Condores are all about the community impact. They focus a lot on sustainable practices and more recently, empowering their female members by supporting their roles in the coffee production and creating their own branded roasted coffee line. They seek to consolidate coffee from the Luya Province and have it be recognised as a high quality coffee province in Peru and across the world. They do this so that their members are represented and compensated accordingly.

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