Finca Morales - Roiber Becerra - Geisha - Nanolot

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Nuevo Belen, Lonya Grande, Utcumbamba, Amazonas






Natural (Anaerobic, Extended Fermentation)

SCA Score


Flavour Profiles

Honey, Red Apple, Floral

Harvest Period

August - October 2023



About this Coffee

Who is Roiber Becerra?

Roiber Becerra is a young, dedicated and high quality coffee producer, he is from the village of Nuevo Belen, in the Lonya Grande District, part of the Utcubamba Province, in the Amazonas Region. He has his farm, Finca Morales, mainly growing Geisha, Marshall and Caturra. 

About Roiber and Finca Morales

Roiber focuses a lot on the quality of his farm, the soil, the pre and post harvest techniques that lead to the best coffee he can produce. He is currently heavily invested in installing an agroforestry system across his farm and dedicating much of his land to cultivating Geisha.

How was the coffee processed?

The fermentation is done according to the weather, if it’s a little rainy 75 or 76 hours and if it’s very sunny then 68 to 70 hours, but usually 72 hours. This first step is done in cherry, in timbos (plastic tubs), sealed without oxygen.

After the fermentation, the cherries are taken to the solar dryers where they dry for a minimum of 30 days, during this period they are constantly being monitored and moved to different levels within the solar dryer according to the moisture levels. The coffee finishes drying once the 11 - 11.5% moisture levels is reached

How does Khipu Coffee know Roiber?

We met with Roiber in August 2023 at the Norcafe office in Lonya Grande. We visited his farm after a cupping session and were very impressed with the system he has organised for his farm, from the design of the trees, the intercropping of species, the varietals being cultivated and the post harvesting set up. Every area of the farm is done to a high standard and it’s also clear to see if it comes through in the cup. 

What the producer want you to know

Roiber and his family want roasters to taste the intricacies of their craft, the dedication they have to every aspect of the coffee production and to be recognised for their work. They plan to grow their farm and especially their volumes of geisha in the coming years.

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