Light Roast Peruvian Organic Coffee Beans - Microlot

What are microlots?

Sourced from specialist associations that are highly skilled in working with microlot farmers to cultivate, experiment and grow uniquely flavoured coffees. The association for this microlot is Alpes Andinos.

⛰️ Location & Altitude -  Alpes Andinos are based in Cajamarca in the North of Peru and this coffee is from two of their members, Martin & Segundo. Their farms are between 1850 and 1900 metres above sea level

📃 Certifications -  Alpes Andinos have Organic Certifications. This coffee is certified Organic.

🌿 Coffee Variety - Bourbon, Pache, Red Caturra & Typica

🍒 Process - 
This coffee is a washed coffee. Martin & Segundo depulp and wash the coffees at their farm

🤤 Flavour -  Citrus burst and delicate floral notes

🔥 Roast - Light (2/5)

This delicious, certified organic coffee is grown in Peru by two small-scale farmers, who picked the beans by hand and dried them on raised beds. The result is a relaxed and easy drinking cup with great brightness, incredible sweetness and balance.


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This microlot is a mix of Bourbon, Pache, Red Caturra and Typica varietals. It has slight citrus notes with a silky feel and a milk chocolate aftertaste. This coffee is a light roast.

Coffee Partners

Coffee Process

Coffee Farmers

Alpes Andinos, a producer association has helped Martin and Segundo with accessing organic certifications and creating coffee ready to export, who along with Mercanta, are responsible for bringing this coffee into our cups.

The cherries were handpicked and placed in a wet fermentation tank for 30-36 hours, after that they were washed and placed on raised beds to dry for a month.

This coffee was grown using purely organic methods and with the fertiliser being made up from a mix of compost and guano, providing a nutrient rich top layer of soil improving the fertility of the crop.

This beautiful microlot is from two small farms in La Union, a small town in the region of Cajamarca. Grown by Martin Santos Zurita and Segundo Marcos Quindelives.

Customer Reviews

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V60 very nice

Tried this through espresso, aeropress and v60. All nice but v60 compliments the most.

Rodrigo Manrique

Peruvian Organic Coffee - Microlot

Fantastic coffee!

This is definitely my favourite from Khipu! Will be ordering again 🙏

Peruvian coffee has a taste that is hard to pin down. It's known for the chocolate, caramel and toffee flavours, but in the last few years it's getting harder and harder to pinpoint a single flavour.

As more and more different coffee regions in Peru start to export, you'll be pleasantly surprised with every Peruvian coffee you try, from floral to fruity, the coffee flavours available are becoming more and more unique to each region.

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