Medium Roast Peruvian Coffee Beans from San Ignacio

What are regional selects?

Sourced from specific associations and co-operatives with members in a specific region in Peru. This coffee is from Lima Coffees, which has worked exclusively with 800 smallholder farmers in San Ignacio, a small town in the region of Cajamarca.

⛰️ Location & Altitude -  San Ignacio! This is a taste of place and all the 800 smallholder farmers live and grow the coffee in this small town. All farms are between 1700-1800 metres above sea level

📃 Certifications -  Lima Coffee have Fair Trade and Organic Certifications. This coffee is certified Fair Trade

🌿 Coffee Variety - Bourbon, Caturra, Costa Rica 95 & Typica

🍒 Process - 
This coffee is a washed coffee. The farmers depulp and wash the coffees at their farms

🤤 Flavour -  Black cherry with toasted hazelnuts

🔥 Roast -  Medium (3/5)

This wonderful taste of place from San Ignacio is a lovely coffee and very complimentary whatever the brew method. With or without milk, it's delicious just as it is through espresso or filter. The purpose of the regional select is to showcase the unique profiles that each place and microclimate has to offer. This coffee does that perfectly.


♻️ Coffee Bag 100% Recyclable

☕ Roasted Fresh For Delivery

🌱 Mailer Bag Compostable

This regional select is a mix of Bourbon, Caturra, Costa Rica & Typica
varietals. It has a black cherry with a toasted hazelnut taste. This coffee is a medium roast.

Coffee Partners

Coffee Process

Coffee Farmers

Rony Lavan from Lima Coffee worked with Cafe Imports to bring this coffee to our cups. Rony has been sourcing the highest grade coffee in Cajamarca since 2016 and is at top of his game when it comes to getting these coffee ready to export.

Many of the small holder farmers who produced this coffee have hand pulping machines at their farm. They use fermentation tanks to wash the coffee before drying it on their patios/raised beds.

A wonderful regional select from San Ignacio, showcasing a “taste of place” from 800 small holder farmers.

Peruvian coffee has a taste that is hard to pin down. It's known for the chocolate, caramel and toffee flavours, but in the last few years it's getting harder and harder to pinpoint a single flavour.

As more and more different coffee regions in Peru start to export, you'll be pleasantly surprised with every Peruvian coffee you try, from floral to fruity, the coffee flavours available are becoming more and more unique to each region.

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