Relinda Chavez - Tintay Puncu - Microlot

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Tintay Puncu, Tayacaja, Huancavelica




Red Caturra



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Dry Fruits, Lemon, Cacao

Harvest Period

September - October 2022



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About this Coffee

Who is Relinda Chavez?

Relinda has been a coffee producer for over 20 years. Relinda and her husband migrated to the central jungle in the 1980s to escape the violence of the Shining Path armed group. They worked in different coffee farms in Pichanaqui district and learned about coffee cultivation and processing. In the 1990s, when the northeastern area of Tayacaja was liberated from the terrorist occupation, they returned to their abandoned land and started planting coffee.

Where is Relinda's farm?

Relinda's farm is located at an altitude of 2350 meters above sea level, in an area called Huallaanakuy Waqta, which means "the hillside and the reunion" in Quechua. This is where her family reunited after years of exile due to terrorist violence. The farm has two names, one in Quechua and one in Spanish: Huayllanakuy Waqta and Café Paraíso, respectively. The farm is located in the region of Huancavelica.

How was the coffee processed?

Relinda's coffee is 100% Red Caturra, and the washing process involves fermenting the coffee for 18 to 24 hours. She uses animal and island guano (animal and bird poo), and organic waste composition as fertiliser. Her farm has not been deforested, and she has planted trees such as Pacae and Bananos to shade the coffee.

The role of Saba Cafe for this coffee

Saba Café are working with Relinda to improve the quality of her coffee and encourage her family to stay on the farm and specialise in producing high-quality, sustainable coffee. This includes selective harvesting practices, fermentation control, drying control, installation of new pulping machines, improvement of washing pools, and installation of drying beds. Saba Café is also working with Relinda's family members to train them in specialised production and promote sustainable, high-quality coffee.


In 2018, they had the pleasure of meeting Relinda Chavez and trying her coffee at a coffee producer fair in Tayacaja province. They were so impressed that they contacted her and eventually visited her farm in the District of Tintay Puncu.

How does Khipu know the producer?

We tried this coffee in a specialty coffee shop in Lima in October 2022 and was surprised at the high altitude and the region it was from, Huancavelica, as this is not a popular coffee growing region. We reached out to Saba Cafe and met with Oscar, who explained the story of Relinda and their journey with buying coffees from this area. For this reason we decided to purchase this coffee and bring over another first to the UK, especially from Huancavelica!


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